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Who We Are ?

 MPA is a one-stop shop offering end-to-end accounting, financial and advisory services. We were incorporated in 2001, with the idea that large corporates are not the only companies that should benefit from experienced finance professionals. Current market offerings in the finance and accounting domain are either geared towards servicing corporates and are very expensive or offerings are in the form of one-time, arm’s length piecemeal solutions without any ongoing advice and support which is required for young, high-growth companies. We are here to fill that gap.
Our Vision
Our firm continuously strives to be the Premier Accounting and Consultancy firm that provides excellent service to our clients and an excellent quality of life for our associates.
Our Mission
We will predominantly work with organizations in the charitable and voluntary sectors as partners to help them achieve their desired outcomes.
Our Objective
We are committed to creating and sustaining long-term relationships which draw on our experience and expertise to help our clients achieve real success
Excellence in Service
To not just meet but exceed client expectation consistently by imbibing Teamwork, Professionalism, Personalized Service & Specialization.
Why Choose MPA ?
MPA offers the following advantages for its clients’:
i)   Cost saving:Small companies do not have the necessary scale to afford the services of full time CFO and legal departments. Due to this, in most of the startups and SMEs, the role of CFO is performed by the CEO himself along with untrained resources. Similarly, small companies do not have any internal resources for legal advice. We provide the same breadth and quality of services by professionals at a fraction of the cost of having a full time CFO or Legal Department.
ii)   Focus on core-business:Given Indian cultural context and working style, the CEO has to get a lot of work done by the seat of their pants. He is forced to play multiple operational roles and get involved in petty issues. The attention and time this demands sacrifices from the CEO s time which could be dedicated to the company’s important but seemingly not urgent goals like strategy, entering new markets and streamlining processes.The CEO finds it especially difficult to manage organized growth of the company in the complex and fast-changing contemporary business environment. Afterall, time is the most critical and constrained resource in a company. By outsourcing two important but non-core departments to us, the CEO can rest easy and focus on their core areas.
iii)   Systematic growth: Financial and legal departments, if ignored, may cause problems such as expensive litigation and unsystematic working with no checks and processes in place. This leads to further firefighting, squandering of resources and shift of focus from the core business of the company. We help set up processes and controls which provides a framework for the companies smooth growth.
iv)  Flexibility:In a new setup, it is difficult to estimate human resource requirement.Growth of business is hard to predict and the cost of understaffing and overstaffing can be very high, apart from the cost incurred to hire talent. We maintain a bench strength of resources and mobilize resources quickly based on client’s requirement.
v)    One-stop financial and legal solution:Finance and legal domains interact in certain domains e.g. compliances, Company Secretary, payroll etc. Each department offers a solution tailored to their needs rather than the company’s overall needs. We offer a holistically optimal solution as our services are under one roof. Further, we have the expertise to facilitate and advise the client on the fund raising process.
vi)   Work as partners:Finance and legal outsourcing firms typically work at arms-length with the client. Our approach, however, is to work very closely with the client as partners in their growth story.
vii)   Relevant expertise:  MPA is uniquely placed in terms of the breadth and depth of the expertise we have. Click on Core Team for the profile of our top management.
Manoj Pahwa (Co-Founder & CEO)
         B.Com (H), F.C.A, PGDBA, DISA
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MPA has always believed in the synergies of association and expertise of others. MPA has strong beliefs in partnerships and people around it. Hence we have associates who give supports and synergies to achieve our goals. They are :

  • Ved Jain, Ex-President ICAI
  • Amal Datt & Associates, Chartered Accountants” Ahmedabad
  • INMACS Management Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Sky Quest Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Sankalp Business Solutions
  • GMR & Co
  • Iqneet Kaur , CS, Delhi
  • Nitin Aneja, Delhi
  • Sanjeev Chawla, Investment Advisor, Delhi
  • Vinod Jain, FCA, L.L.B., FCS, FCWA, Ex. C.C. Member ICAI
  • A. Anil Mihir, Bhubaneswar
  • VBSK & Co, Chartered Accountants, Cochin & Dubai
  • Atul Veeresh & Associates, Chartered Accountants, Vadodra, Mumbai
  • Shridhar & Co, Chartered Accountants, Chennai
  • Hirose Accounting Office, Certified Public Tax Accountant, Tokiyo, Japan
  • Sanjay Sharma, Advocate, Gwalior

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We are very happy with the service we receive from Manoj Pahwa & Associates specially on setting up our Payroll system and also extremely happy with the support we receive when we have any questions to ask. They are always happy to talk to us on the telephone when we need advice.


Best customer support and response time I have ever seen. Good knowledge of the industry.


What I really appreciate is the personal service I get from Manoj Pahwa & Associates team. They are always available and approachable. Between them they always deal directly with my problems.